Video Collage
This is a collection of clips from different situations
selected to highlight MY work with these bands. Some of
it is recorded on phones by fans and therefore the quality
isn't always the best.
The Lollipops
These audio clips are taken from live local performances. For
wedding, convention and hotel work, I switch from guitar to
steel pan for a more traditional "Island" sound.
Watch This Space For Updates.
This collage is a work in progress.
Since the 1980's, whenever I had my own small steel bands, I
used the name "Panacea" This St Thomas Panacea incarnation
was very brief. We disbanded before we could get "tight". Here
are some bits of where we were headed.
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Cell 340-690-3612
St Thomas, USVI
Matthew Morgan Rael
Solo Work
  This is the only video of my solo steel drum act that i have
playing with my created back up tracks.  PLEASE forgive the
very awful audio distortion, the videographers microphone was
on the wrong setting!!!   When
I have a non distorted clip to
replace this one, i will replace it.